Viniq: The Shimmering Alcohol

Viniq Purple

Source: Facebook – Viniq

After five years of experimentation, E&J Gallo Winery created Viniq Shimmery Liqueur, a new alcoholic beverage that resembles the liquid in the Magic Window called and just as most people had no idea want “microdium crystals” were for the Magic Window, people aren’t really sure what is floating around in Viniq. “We started investigating ways to add spice to cocktails to make it more breakthrough, noticeable and exciting for consumers,” says marketing manager Jason Wiedemann. “We eventually landed on this shimmer… It looks very mysterious in the bottle.”

Mysterious is a good word to describe this drink. The Viniq website says, “Our shimmer is the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine on your favorite cake or the sparkle in rock candy and is safe to consume.” See? It says so right there in black and white. It’s safe to consume! Nothing scary here.

Viniq Shimmering

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Here’s the deal: The not-so-secret ingredient in Viniq is mica powder, “a mineral used in baking and cosmetics to give things a pearlescent sheen.” If you can get past the idea that Viniq looks like it belongs in a Willy Wonka factory, you might be willing to give it a try. But should you?

The sparkly beverage is marketed as “a delicious combination of premium vodka, moscato, natural fruit flavors, and a one-of-a-kind shimmer.” So far, so good. It also comes in three flavors: Original (purple in color with hints of peach, berries, and citrus), Ruby (the color and flavor of red berries) and Glow (orange in color and peach in flavor.) That is what these beverages are supposed to taste like. However, not everyone agrees.

Viniq Red
Source: Facebook – Viniq

Rachelle Gauthier of Rolling Out gave Viniq a “glowing” review: “I sampled a few cocktails at Viniq’s launch event at Whiskey Blue at the W-Atlanta in Buckhead. The Payday cocktail was my favorites, but I equally enjoyed the Shimmery Liqueur straight.”

Reviewers at loved it too. One person said, “I absolutely love this! It tastes so good, and it’s fun to watch, especially after you’ve had a little of it. Very fun.” and a second person wrote this, but they sound a little drunk: “The first I LOVE about it is that it is PURPLE. Purple is my favorite color but the taste is so GOOD.